All things Sharks for this weekend; post-mortem on Stars

Just wanted to update the latest comments on San Jose’s run to the Stanley Cup. Here’s an interesting take on the (dreaded) Anaheim Ducks, who meet San Jose tonight in the Shark Tank.

On Thursday night, the Sharks clinched a playoff berth against the dreadful Dallas Stars; the highlight is the Ben Eager goal!

Just a brief post-mortem here on the Stars’ season: You reap what you sow. The decision to fire Dave Tippett as coach in 2009 is now confirmed as the worst management decision of the Stars. Tippett, of course, was snapped up right away by the Phoenix Coyotes, who are in the same Pacific Division with Dallas. Phoenix does more with less talent than the Stars (and the status of that club is just weird with the city and the NHL); the Coyotes will make the playoffs in a day or two, but while mathematically still in it, the Stars- even with superstar Brad Richards back in the lineup- will likely reach 9th place and yet again wonder why they are golfing early in the spring.

It’s your GM who fired Tippett and brought in Marc Crawford as coach. It’s not as though Crawford is a bad coach: it’s just that Tippett is so much better. Unfortunately, Crawford will get fired first before Joe Nieuwendyk will. As more of a novelty, it is also too bad that the Stars won’t make it to the playoffs, as that achievement would be the first time every team in a division made the playoffs!

Also, watch the Top 5 Goals of the Week: Ben Eager’s goal is #1, and is hands-down a competitor for Goal of the Year! Who’d have thought that would come from Ben Eager? That’s like saying you had UConn, Kentucky, Butler, and VC-Who in your Final Four Bracket!

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