Update on Manny Malhotra

Manny Malhotra is a South Asian-Canadian NHL player for the Vancouver Canucks. Last season, he played for the San Jose Sharks. Everyone- and this is no exaggeration- from teammates to coaches to fans throughout the NHL loves Manny. He’s just an awesome guy who also plays great two-way hockey. Turns out, that he’s the brother-in-law of NBA star, Steve Nash.

A few weeks ago, Manny took puck in his left eye. I saw the game when it happened, and to be honest, you simply never know when a player takes a puck in the face how bad it’s going to be. In Manny’s case, it was the worst possible case: loss of his eye.

Or so it seemed.

Manny had surgery that night of the accident, and again a couple of weeks ago, and it appears that he may regain his sight in his left eye. This is nothing short of minor miracle.

When Manny left the Sharks last summer, I think everyone was really sad that Manny left. He definitely deserved the contract he got with Vancouver- and, dang! The Canucks are simply great this year, and it would be hard to imagine them with the record they have without Manny. No exaggeration here: my wife and I really wished Manny had stayed with the Sharks and that they’d have paid the extra coin to keep Manny- I’d have to look it up, but I think he wanted a 3-year deal, and San Jose only offered him 1 + 1. A really humble guy, and when you’d listen to his interviews, you’d think, I’d like this guy for a neighbor.

May the Lord heal you completely, Manny: and please, put on a visor.

Update (4/10/11)

Here’s video of the Canucks’ accepting the President’s Trophy, and Manny came for the presentation.

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