Sportsmanship abounds for Giants-Dodgers game in SF

Last night, the Dodgers won, 6-1, in the first game at AT&T Park since the horrific assault on Bryan Stow in Chavez Ravine. The game last night was played out, not only the field, but also in the stands and the parking lots.

As one might expect, SF fans were the best example of decorum and hospitality. It wasn’t always that way. Games played in Candlestick Park always had an edgy feel, quite apart from the alcohol served. Not many people from the Bay Area- save die hard Giants fans- liked going to games because… of the thuggery atmosphere. Assaults and robberies were routine. The wind was always present at Candlestick, making it less than a hospitable setting for baseball and football; the crime just made you sigh with sadness.

Although I’ve yet to attend a game there, AT&T Park (gasp: 10 years old?) is a different environment, and easier to police: and behave one’s self. Of course, the presence of SFPD helped keep the incorrigible in line, although the majority of arrests were for intoxication. How that still happens is strange: most vendors need some courage to say, “No” to drunk fans.

Nevertheless, the game was enjoyed by all and everyone was civil, and praying for Bryan Stow’s recovery. Turns out that Bryan worked every home game for the Sharks as a paramedic. 😦

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