2011 NHL Playoff Update Tomorrow…

Just wanted to invite you to my take on the First Round of the playoffs tomorrow. We’ll compare the results with my predictions, and laugh at my ignorance as well as at my prescience.

Tonight, the Boston-Montreal and the Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay series conclude with a Game 7. I did not see this coming…

I watched the Sharks-Kings series and was relieved to see the OT goal by Joe Thornton: justice was served. Jumbo Joe was nailed in the face by a high stick (missed or not-called by the officials?) in the first period, then got his stick lifted by a Kings player in third period: and it knocked out the tooth of a second Kings player. Four-minute penalty. Fortunately, the Sharks killed that off.

Then, McGinn’s “charging” penalty plus a major misconduct that overlapped into overtime made me cringe. OK: bad timing for the hit: but the replay- even at true speed- made me think: wha…? Bad call.

Just as unpredictable was Thornton’s goal: virtual empty netter. And the Sharks move on! My new home-town team goes golfing.

The Western Conference is settled: The Sharks will host the Detroit Red Wings to begin the Second Round; Vancouver will host Nashville. The Eastern Conference will be settled tonight.

Check back manaña…Go Sharks!

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