So, I’m sitting here scarfing my breakfast, and stumbled upon National Blogging Posting Month, or, NaBloPoMo. So, I joined up.

Clearly, this is a riff off of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, and they say so in the FAQ. (It’s in November, BTW. It’s always November.)

So, enjoy. I don’t aim for every day of April, although I suppose that I can hit tomorrow also…we’ll see. I recall from some previous posts that I promised the following to you:

  1. Introducing some majority-world authors to you, and
  2. Offering a description on what the way forward might become for theological conversation in mission, and
  3. Offer some proposals for how that theological conversation might move ahead.
  4. Oh: I forgot. I’m also reading Rob Bell’s book, and by request of a friend/colleague, I’m also reading NT Wright’s Justification.

Here’s the interesting thing: I’ll practice #’s 2 & 3 above after I complete #4. I should report to you on those experiences as well. Maybe my conversation partners will be kind enough to offer a critique of my listening and reading skills, and I can post that for you as well… 🙂

So, in the midst of packing a ton of boxes and writing for camp, be on the lookout for something…

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