My Bad: (Late) Conference Finals Predictions 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

My apologies: I’ve been busier than humanly possible, and my current location for getting an internet connection is hard to believe I’m still in North America…

Eastern Conference

#2 Boston vs. #5 Tampa Bay: Boston in 6. OK: as I write this, the Bolts just even the series 2-all. Wow: the Lightening have some spunk. Still, my sense is that the Bruins are just getting warmed up.

Western Conference

#1 Vancouver vs. #2 San Jose: Sharks in 7. Here, we have the Canucks up 2-1 in this series. The 3rd game was pretty lively according to the reports I read, and the highlights I saw in passing showed the Sharks playing with passion and power. What ever it was that got them going: they should put it in a bottle and market that stuff: because Vancouver had no answer for San Jose aggressiveness. The ice was tilted the whole way. Only one thing should keep the Sharks from advancing: dumb penalties. Jamie McGinn should consider himself more than lucky that he wasn’t suspended for hitting two guys and injuring both. He’s probably a big target for Game #4…

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