Video: California over Baylor in Bottom of the 9th

I’m not a baseball fan anymore: but, anything having to do with my alma mater, the University of California: I’m all in.

I attended the game against Alcorn St the day before, which was the first of four consecutive wins that got them to this game against the Baylor Bears. The Golden Bears had to win against the Rice Owls for the second game: That would have made my season right there if they hadn’t advanced again: Rice had a tough game against Baylor before that, and followed it with another tough, lightening-delayed game against Cal.

Brief version of the backstory: The Chancellor and the Athletic Director pulled the plug on Cal Baseball earlier this year: not enough dinero to keep the team. This would be the last season of Cal Baseball. Old Blues were furious. Former Cal Baseball players now in the MLB, including Jeff Kemp, plus Cal Alumni raised $9 million in a few months of aggressive FD. “Sorry. You can play again,” was the condensed version of the Chancellor and the AD’s response.

That the team even made it this far is simply the kind of stuff movies are made out of.

Here’s the end of the deciding game of the Regional: the announcer, Danny Freisinger of KALX, is a senior at Cal, and he’s on a cell phone because the weather (presumably) from the weekend fried the audio feed back to Berkeley. It’s only 49 seconds, but it will remind you of Joe Starkey calling The Play…

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