Cal vs. USC: No upset, this time, and, a fond recollection of better days

Tomorrow night, Cal hosts the Trojans at ATT Park; if you get ESPN, then tune in.

If you read here last week, I hypothesized guessed badly that Cal would upset the 9th-ranked Oregon Ducks. And, if you followed the first-half, you might have been tempted to say to yourself, “Wow…maybe Mike was onto something.” Then halftime finished, and so did the Bears’ opportunity for an upset.

The guys who get paid the big bucks in Vegas have USC winning by 3 points. Maybe they forgot about Georgio Tavecchio, the guy who has found his confidence again, and is kicking the ball over the state line. If USC keeps Cal from crossing the fifty, maybe they’ll win. Maybe Tedford would line Georgio from his own 45 just to see what would happen.

I have Cal by 7 in a close one.

Of course, last time I recall Cal winning big, they really took it to the Trojans, and the LA Times is hilarious.

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