Just a heads up: Gratitude is a great posture in life…

I’m grateful for my wife…my son…my daughter…you…my Lord…

The reality is: my problems are so unimportant compared to the rest of planet, and so much of life is going well, that the “4th Thursday of November” is really gravy. 🙂

Indeed, I’ve often complained- I think with some legitimate concerns- that a lack of thanksgiving speaks volumes about our lack of attentiveness, a failure to absorb the many gifts of family, friends, and “hearth and home.”

On a different note, I make it my aim to express thanks to restaurant workers, coffee shop employees, grocery store staff, airline personnel (even TSA). I often take a deep breath, and say “Thanks” and if possible, add “why” I’m grateful for their service. I note that most of these folks are either “whatever” without any snark-ee-ness or they are a little bewildered that anyone perceived they did anything of value.

“Happy Thanksgiving” seems so trite. I’ll try to avoid using that slogan. I’ll also avoid the lawyer-like interrogative: “So, what are you grateful for?” That kind of confrontation seems to stifle any sense of joy or freedom in making one’s thanks freely expressed.

If I might suggest this: practicing Thanksgiving- while in traffic (Lord knows, we’ve got a ton of it in LA), or from wise counsel from mentors and colleagues- reminds me how interdependent I am for my very existence, as well as suppresses so much of the energy-grabbing selfishness that I possess. I realize, of course, that the last sentence is one that I alone suffer from…

Some days of the week: I really don’t care to admit or acknowledge that I need others to get along or produce a fruitful life. It is nothing short of astonishing what takes place in my heart and day-to-day affairs when I express gratitude. And, there is a remarkable willingness to recognize the goodness of life with others.

Thanks for reading. I mean it. Enjoy tomorrow. For that matter: enjoy today.

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