“This is not normal”: A beginning

Watch out and don’t let anyone fool you!” —Jesus—

So, this phrase—”this is not normal”— has received abundant and frequent usage in the last three weeks. I won’t trouble you with all the citations you can find in Google.

But, I’ve reflected upon the circumstances and conversations of the last few weeks. I’ve participated in some of the above conversations; I’ve had some prayer. And the phrase captures our season in the USA.

Quite apart from my opinion of the election outcomes, or how people voted, or how people ascribe meaning to their votes: There are some realities now activated.

Expect me post here on more “not normal” realities that emerge each week.

Here’s one to get started: The President-Elect has selected Sen. Jeff Sessions to become the Attorney General. The racist history of Sessions is well documented.

Before you become animated—for whatever motivations—we should begin asking ourselves one question. Well, two, really.

(1) Re: racist. Instead treating the question—Is he a racist?—as a binary, we should aim for a different question:

What kind of racist is he?

(2) Why is this selection of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General not normal?

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