Unbelievable: Jarret Stoll Receives One-Game Suspension

Here’s the report from TSN about the one-game suspension for Stoll for boarding Ian White of the San Jose Sharks.

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OT Win for Sharks; Strange Officiating (already?)

The Sharks won last night against the Kings, 3-2, in overtime on a Joe “the Big” Pavelski laser-beam of a shot. It was great to see the Sharks remain strong and stay in the game emotionally, even though the highlights of this game are more about what took place in the first period.

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Kyle Clifford vs. Douglas Murray

We’ve got a ton of painters and roofers over here, so it’s time to update some of the latest pugilist action from the rink…

With the Sharks and Kings set to square off tomorrow night in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, this fight from last week would be a good one to see. It’s likely to be revisited in the first or second period in Thursday night’s game.

Douglas Murray probably would sink in a pool: the dude has no body fat, he’s all muscle. Clifford tries to get leverage on him early on, and it’s a joke: then Murray tags him big time.

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Teemu Selanne (!) vs. Brad Richardson

First fighting major for the Finnish Flash: Selanne is 40 years old. You only get to see the end of the fight, but it’s clear from the announcers that they went at it for about a minute; Selanne takes one but retaliates before the linesman steps in.

Most of the video is of Brookbank and Clifford; initially, Clifford gets a few in, but stick with it: Brookbank absolutely unloads on Clifford, and drops him. To his credit, Brookbank gets up, but he’s hurt.

The video switches to Selanne and Richardson, and if you’re fast, you see Selanne drop a hard on the head of Richardson- it’s at a distance, and might be off some. Richardson really comes back hard before the fight concludes.

Awesome Teemu! You da man!

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