The Future of Seminary Education: An Online Symposium

When I joined InterVarsity staff, I had already graduated from Fuller (FTS) with my MDiv. The time at FTS was full of joy and challenges. As I met my new colleagues within InterVarsity, I discovered how many- really a large number- were interested in both the studies at the seminary level, as well as obtaining the MDiv.

Their enthusiasm took me by surprise. So, I’ve hosted many a conversation about seminary education with my colleagues as well with many undergraduates and alumni of IV. It’s really been a joy to participate in those conversations.

Over on Patheos, an online symposium on the future of seminary education is taking place, and it’s really good. There’s both a Catholic and Protestant version of the symposium, so you’d do well to look it over.

I will say that, so far, the conversations appear to be pitched at peers in the academy and in the pulpit. Of course, some of my research indirectly involves both seminary education and mission to western culture. So, I intend to respond to the posts accordingly, and will attempt to distill the reports for those who have participated in the conversations with me before.

I will look in there from time to time, and report back here.